Baxley Jewelry: Earth Grown Collection

Baxley Jewelry: Earth Grown Collection

Only natural untreated stones are in this collection from Baxlye Jewelry - grown over millions of years and slowly pushed through the earth to create a one-of-a kind gemstone.

Going green seems to be the latest and greatest way to do just about anything these days. Using natural stones in jewelry is just another way of following the trend. 

Environmentally Friendly:

Opting to use natural stones rather than synthetic material can benefit the environment in many ways. In its natural state, it does not require the use of energy or power for production. As a result, pollution is not generated in the creation of natural stone, and we are saving energy for the Earth.


Diamonds are known for its near indestructible qualities. Lab created stones are grown very quickly and do not have the same level of structural integrity of naturally occuring stones.