Diamond Bracelet Collection

Diamond Bracelet Collection

Find Your Next Diamond Bracelet at Avonlea Jewelry

A diamond bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of women’s jewelry, and with good reason.  The sparkling brilliance of these pieces is quite eye-catching, and can enhance any outfit, from sportswear to the most formal of gowns.  In addition to being attractive and stylish when worn alone, they’re also quite versatile, and stacking and wearing several together is always a popular choice.

Here at Avonlea Jewelry, you’ll find a large and varied diamond bracelet collection, and we’re adding more all the time.  Our collection includes different bracelet styles, a variety of diamond shapes, various carat weights, and price points for all budgets. A beautiful diamond bracelet is one of the foundational pieces of any woman’s jewelry collection, and there are so many lovely designs available today that many women own several. No matter if you’re looking for your very first bracelet, or for something new to add to the ones you already have, here at Avonlea we have just what you’re looking for, and at a great price.

Tennis Bracelets Are the Most Popular Kind of Diamond Bracelet

For several decades now, beginning in the late 1980’s, the most popular diamond bracelet style for women has been the diamond line bracelet, which nearly everyone today calls a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that contains many small diamonds linked together in a narrow chain. It’s not that these bracelets were unknown before the late 1980’s; on the contrary, they were around and were a very popular women’s bracelet style long before then.  However, they used to be called something quite different – they were known as eternity bracelets.

How did they become known as tennis bracelets? After all, the vast majority of the time women wear them, they’re nowhere near a tennis court.   There’s actually a fascinating story behind the name.  Most of the popular spectator sports in America are team sports – baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.  Players in these sports all wear a team uniform, so there’s no opportunity for a player to develop their own style.  On top of that, until quite recently, there were hardly any professional team sports for women. 

Chris Evert’s World Famous Diamond Bracelet

However, women’s tennis has long been a popular spectator sport, and many famous female tennis players have been associated with beauty and fashion, often using their playing apparel and accessories to set themselves apart from other players and define their own unique style.  Chris Evert, one of the legends of women’s tennis, was known for dressing very stylishly on the court.  During a famous televised match in 1987, Chris Evert asked for play to be stopped because “I lost my bracelet.” While millions of people watched at home, play was stopped while she looked for it, and ever since that day eternity bracelets have been known as tennis bracelets.

Every now and then, you may hear someone refer to a “line diamond bracelet.  If so, they’re talking about the very same piece of jewelry – tennis bracelet, eternity bracelet, and line diamond bracelet are interchangeable terms, and no jewelry ensemble is complete without one of these bracelets.  In fact, because these bracelets come in a wide variety of styles, you’ll probably want to own several for your collection.

Diamond Bangle Bracelets

Of course, while the tennis bracelet may be the best known and most popular form, there are other kinds of diamond bracelets.   The bangle style is also very popular, and comes in all kinds of styles.  The bangle style is always stiff and rigid, and can come in either open or closed form, being made up of one or more round pieces of metal.  Whether the bangle is open or closed, thick or thin, fixed or expandable, the bangle is always a great look, and they’re perfect for stacking.  Bangle bracelets are a versatile and foundational part of any jewelry collection.

Diamond Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet is a made up of metal links, and, like bangle and tennis bracelets, it can take many forms.  The links comprise the backbone of the actual bracelet that goes around the wrist, while the charms are attached to the links. Sometimes there is simply a single charm in the middle of the bracelet, but in many cases several charms will dangle from the links throughout the entire length of the bracelet.  The links can feature attached diamonds, or diamonds can be part of the charms themselves, or a diamond or group of diamonds may even be the charm itself. These charms can take many forms - hearts and initials are quite popular, but there are many other styles.

Choosing a Diamond Bracelet

As we mentioned, diamond bracelets come in all kinds of styles.  Of course, one of the main differences between different bracelets is the kind of metal used to create each one.  Which metal is the best?  That’s entirely up to you – there is no one metal that can be considered “the best”, because the main factor is which one most appeals to you, which is another reason so many women choose to own several diamond bracelets. There are several different metals to choose from, including sterling silver, platinum, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.  It’s true that durability is a factor, especially if you’ll be wearing your bracelet a lot, but any of these metals should offer all the durability you’ll need.

Many Different Elements in Diamond Bracelets

In addition to the many different kinds of metal a diamond bracelet can be made from, they can also come in any number of styles.  One very important style element is the diamond cut, or shape.  Diamond bracelets are available in Round Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Marquise cut, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, Radiant cut, Pear shaped, Oval cut, and Asscher cut.  The layout of the diamonds also varies – most bracelets have one row of diamonds, but many have two rows, or even more.  

Different Bracelets Have Different Settings

Another defining element of a bracelet is how the diamonds are attached.  Three of the most popular settings are bezel, prong, and channel. In the bezel setting, the diamond is elevated, with a metal lip that encircles and overlaps the edge of the stone to keep it in place. The bezel setting is seen by some as being more secure than the prong and channel settings, but this tends to be more of a concern with rings than with bracelets.

A bracelet with a prong setting (also called a prong mount) features metal tines to secure the diamonds. One notable advantage of the prong setting is that light is able to reflect off of the diamond from more angles than with other kinds of settings, giving the diamonds a more brilliant appearance.

Channel settings are also very popular, and many women prefer them, seeing them as having the cleanest look of all settings, as there are no bezels or prongs. Instead, the diamonds are simply set in a channel, that is, they sit between two strips or rows of whatever precious metal the bracelet is made of.

Choosing a Setting for Your Diamond Bracelet

Which setting is right for you?  That’s a very personal decision, and each setting has certain advantages over the others.  Many consider the bezel the most secure, while the prong setting allows diamonds to sparkle more, and the channel setting provides a more holistic, streamlined look for a bracelet. However, none of these advantages are decisive, as in all three settings the diamonds are very secure, they always sparkle, and they always look clean and sharp.  The biggest factor for most customers is simply which bracelets they like the best, and most women have bracelets with different kinds of settings. After all, variety is not only the spice of life, it’s also an absolute requirement when building a jewelry collection!

We have quite a large and varied selection of bracelet styles at Avonlea Jewelry, and you’re sure to find several that will catch your eye.  If you’re shopping for yourself, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you like, but don’t limit yourself – you may be surprised at just how attractive a bracelet style you’ve never worn before can be. 

Diamond Bracelets Are a Great Gift for Nearly Any Occasion

Of course, because they’re so popular, and also because they’re essential elements of every woman’s jewelry collection, these bracelets have traditionally been very popular to give as gifts.  One great thing about buying someone a bracelet as a gift is that it’s much easier to surprise her if you don’t know what size she wears, as bracelet sizes are much easier to estimate than ring sizes.  Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, Christmas, Valentines Day, graduations, moving away, the birth of a baby – all these and many more are perfect occasions for giving that special someone a lovely diamond bracelet.

No matter if you’re shopping for yourself, or for a loved one, Avonlea Jewelry should be your destination when it comes to finding that perfect diamond bracelet. We have a great selection, great prices, and the very best customer service you’ll ever experience, so look no further than Avonlea when it comes to finding the perfect bracelet.