LOIS HILL | Brown Diamond & Matte Black Onyx Star Earrings ~ Sterling Silver (Lois Hill 2020)

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Be edgy wearing our small matte black onyx earrings adorned with brown diamonds in a star shaped drop.

* Brown Diamonds
* Carat Weight: .26
* .925 Sterling Silver
* Stone: Matte Black Onyx
* Measures 17mm x 14mm


Reaching back through centuries and around the globe, designer Lois Hill unearths the past while infusing the contemporary, creating a collection of sterling silver jewelry that is truly timeless. Ancient ruins, classic museums, a 17th century bracelet, or a woven basket from an open-air market in Egypt – the mundane as well as the extraordinary – these serve as her inspiration. Each piece she creates reflects months of study, interpretation and refinement. Lois Hill is known for her unique and original infusions of ancient and contemporary arts, spanning centuries and continents.

Product Care

Lois Hill handmade jewelry has been created to the highest quality standards. Proper care and maintenance will preserve the beauty and shine of your Lois Hill jewelry. Sterling Silver will tarnish over time and can be affected by external temperature, humidity and light. You can polish your Lois Hill Jewelry with a polishing cloth as needed. The more frequently you wear your Lois Hill jewelry, the less you will need to polish it. Avoid exposing jewelry to extreme sunlight and substances containing bleach or ammonia. Remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean. Avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, or other household chemicals by putting your jewelry on after you dress.

Avoid jewelry cleaners. Our Sterling Silver is oxidized to bring out the textures and intricacies of each piece. Oxidation will be removed and jewelry will scratch on contact with harsh abrasives in jewelry cleaners. You can polish your Lois Hill Jewelry with a polishing cloth as needed. You can also dip your jewelry in a lukewarm diluted solution of mild, liquid (ammonia free) dish washing detergent, rinse completely with clean lukewarm water and then blot dry using a cloth. Do not rub.

Avoid jewelry cleaners. Our 18K Gold collection is assembled with Sterling Silver which is oxidized to bring out the textures and intricacies of each piece. Upon contact with harsh abrasives in jewelry cleaners, the oxidation will be removed and the jewelry will scratch.

Avoid extreme temperature changes and contact with household chemicals. Never expose stones to hot solutions, abrasive cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners. Gemstones may be cleaned with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner.


Adventure fuels philanthropic efforts for Lois Hill. Actively seeking adventure, creativity, and ways to make a difference is a way of life for Lois. Lois successfully climbed to the summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in a fund-raising venture with CARE International. After visiting Kenya and Tanzania, Lois generated funds for projects focusing on women in these countries. Lois later designed a Masai-inspired collection as a tribute to the Masai women, a collection that reflected her experiences sharing time with them. This lifelong drive for adventure has led Lois to climb mountains for charity and travel across the globe for inspiration. Her drive for exploration and adventure fuels her work!

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