ALEX WOO | Little Icons | Activist Love Monkey | Sterling Silver | WITH 16" CHAIN

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In celebration of Disneynature’s True-Life Adventure, “Monkey Kingdom,” this Activist Love Monkey pendant is inspired by the playful and uplifting adventures of a family of monkeys set in the deep jungles of South Asia.

This design features the courageous heroine, Maya, curled up into a heart to symbolize her love for her mate and their newborn, Kip. 20% of proceeds from sales of this design will benefit Conservation International, who works to ensure a healthy, productive Earth for everyone.

  • approximately 1/2 inch high x 1/2 inch wide x 1/8 inch thick
  • solid matte-finished eco-friendly Sterling Silver
  • signature shiny beveled edge and is stamped for authenticity
  • hangs on a 16 inch diamond cut ball chain with a lobster clasp *Sterling Silver chains are rhodium plated to keep them shiny and sparkling
  • arrives packaged in a signature Alex Woo gift box

    Because each piece is hand finished, no two pieces are exactly the same - making each one special and unique.


    Jewelry is one of the few accessories that can truly have a deeper meaning.Everyone has a signature piece of jewelry they identify with, whether it’s a necklace or a ring, that means something personal to them.

    Jewelry designer, Alex Woo understands this special connection we have to our jewelry. In her partnership with Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom, she’s created a new necklace that’s not only adorable, but also helps with conservation efforts around the world.

    We had the chance to talk with Alex Woo and find out just what went into designing this unique necklace inspired by Monkey Kingdom:


    What was the design process like for creating the Little Love Monkey necklace?

    Alex Woo: From the moment I learned about Monkey Kingdom‘s true life storyline, I used those ideas as the inspiration for the design. In this film, you get to see the heroine, Maya, meet Kip’s father, and you actually get to see the very beginning of where this love story begins and evolves into a family. So, love was the most essential emotional element of the storyline that I wanted to capture in the design of this piece. This is why I designed Maya curled up into a heart shape, as a representation of the love she shares for her mate and their son, Kip.

    What influence did Monkey Kingdom have on your creative process?

    Watching the film influences the design, because I always try to tell a story with my jewelry, and in this scenario, there truly is a story to follow and relate to. The story line and the what the animals do and look like in the film all are important elements of inspiration for me. In this film, you see the strong protective bond between a mother and child, and I wanted to capture the same protectiveness and love that Maya has for her child Kip in the heart-like shape of her body.

    Can you explain the symbolism of the necklace?

    I’ve worked with Disneynature on the last 3 films: African Cats, Chimpanzee, and Bears. Having made a trilogy of pendants in a similar style, I wanted to take my Monkey Kingdom design in a different direction. All of my designs are very symbolic, and with my Disneynature ones, I try to capture the essence of the film the best I can. In this story, it was all about love.

    You’ve worked with Disneynature in the past on different collaborations. What is it about this partnership that’s significant to you?

    I’ve been so fortunate to have had the chance to work with Disneynature on so many of their films, and this one is no different. I just love the people, and the fact that Disney cares so much about families, animals, and the environment is something that I am so honored to support. I truly enjoy working with their partner organizations, and this time – with Conservation International, I am personally so happy to help in any way I can through my designs, and doing what I love.


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